Each Kit includes:
1 Solar Balloon

1 Mylar Sleeve with Velcros

1 I-Balloon
4 Weight Tubes
1 Hand Pump
2 Deflating Straws
1 Black Pan
1 Black Cooking Liner
2 Oven Bags with zip tie

1 Instruction

1 Drawstring bag

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Fully re-usable, everything you need for only $39.95 

Free shipping!

Students Love it!

Make Smores, bake cookies, boil water, or cook lunch while learning about renewable energy, environment protection, and sustainable living.

Teachers Love it!

Compact, lightweight and complete with 12 detailed project plans!  Everything is included to make it fun and easy to teach STEAM lessons.


Free shipping!

Based on users’ feedback, the Solar Balloon Cookers for this special offer are not assembled because many teachers want the students to have the opportunity to learn how to assemble the cooker together by reading the included instructions. It is also a good exercise to promote team work, coordination, and cooperation. Please let us know if you prefer the solar cookers that have been assembled.

Solar Balloon Energy KitforSTEAM Projects