California Sunlight WAPI

Pocket Solar Charger with Light

Ultra portable.Provide power & light for emergency

Quality, durable and reliable solar flashlight and charger with USB port, compatible to charge small devices like smartphones and tablets.

Battery:       1200 mah

Solar panel:  0.2W

Convert Optical Energy into Electricity

This PV powered desk lamp will display the time and date all while it charges your Smart phone! A great way to demonstrate how clean and safe solar energy can benefit our society's increasing energy needs.

Combined with the Solar Balloon Energy Kit, it's easy to show how concentrating available light in low light conditions can successfully charge PV panels.

LED:             1.8W

Battery:       3100 mah

Solar panel:  0.8W


Ensure That Water is Safely Pasteurized

The California Sunlight WAPI (Water Pasteurization Indicator) contains a specialized wax that melts at approximately 156°F.  Submerge the WAPI in water, and it will indicate when the water has exceeded the 149°F required for safe pasteurization.

This fully reusable device is an ideal accessory for STEM lessons involving microbiology and social impact issues surrounding safe drinking water.

Combined with the Solar Balloon Energy Kit, the WAPI can provide evidence on how free renewable energy can provide safe drinking water to those in need.

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$ 56.95

$ 24.95

$  9.95

Solar Flashlight & Charger

$ 65.95

Everything You Need for a Multitude of Easy and Fun STEM Lessons.

The  Compound Parabolic design delivers high temperatures FAST!

Each Kit includes:

1 Solar Balloon Energy System (Balloon, Mylar Sleeve, I Balloon)

4 Weight Tubes

1 Hand Pump

Two Inflating Straws

1 Black Pan

One Black Cooking Liner

2 Oven Bags

1 Roll of Clear Tape

$ 149.95

Solar Balloon Energy Kit

Water-resistant, with LED light and igniter

Quality, durable and reliable solar charger with USB port and LED light, compatible to charge small devices like smartphones and tablets.

Battery:       7500 mah

Solar panel:  1.5W

Solar Table Lamp & Charger

Reliable, cost-effective solar tracker

Perfect for PV panels, solar ovens, or STEM projects.​

1-Axis Solar Tracker

$ 79.95