The students loved it! We made S'mores and it was a big hit. We truly appreciate all of your support. ___Teacher. LA, CA

introducing: the Solar Balloon Energy Kit

It does a great job and cooks at very high temperatures 350-400 degrees. ____Education specialist. Sacramento, CA.

​$79.95 Each

The deflated balloon, string, sleeve, etc. all fits in a small nylon pouch. Very compact and portable. ____Teacher.  CA 

(The solar cooking project) used to take hours, now it only needs 30 minutes. ___Science teacher. San Jose, CA

Using a balloon to collect and concentrate sunlight, this is the most compact and light weight solar energy system in the world. Perfect for heating, cooking, PV charging, water pasteurizing, water distilling, and much more. Choose from 15 fun and easy STEM education projects. Our lesson plans are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards & Common Core State Standards. It's a "must have" for your science projects.

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